Programs & Events

IFAR hosts a range of public programs. These include a long-standing series of talks and panels on timely art world issues—IFAR Evenings, occasional conferences and symposia, and for members of IFAR's Collectors' Roundtable a series of intimate tours of private collections and institutions. IFAR Evenings are open to the public (admission prices vary) and are offered free to IFAR's supporters/members (above $250) and at a reduced rate for IFAR Journal subscribers.

Upcoming IFAR Programs & Events

Some Past IFAR Programs & Events

Title Date Event Type Video
Matisse/Diebenkorn -- Influences and Affinities May 24, 2017 IFAR Evening
The Recovery of the Quedlinburg Treasures: Would Anything Be Different Now? April 24, 2017 IFAR Evening
Remembering the Florence Flood -- 50 Years Later November 14, 2016 IFAR Evening
20/20 Hindsight: Lessons from the Knoedler/Rosales Affair July 12, 2016 IFAR Evening
What the Art World Needs to Know about the Ivory Ban and the Proposed Federal Rule November 24, 2015 IFAR Evening
Catalogue Raisonné Resources @ NYPL and IFAR September 30, 2015 IFAR/NYPL Program
ISIS, War and the Threat to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria August 11, 2015 IFAR Evening
The Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection: A Conversation with Emily Braun and Pepe Karmel February 10, 2015 IFAR Evening
Vienna 1900: Portraiture, Perception, Reception, and Restitution October 6, 2014 IFAR Evening
3D Printing: Infinite Possiblities and New Challenges for the Art World July 22, 2014 IFAR Evening
Artists Resale Rights in the U.S.: Overdue or Shouldn't Do? November 25, 2013 IFAR Evening
Art for Sale? Bankruptcy and the Detroit Institute of Arts October 24, 2013 IFAR Evening
Anatomy of an Art Sting December 10, 2012 IFAR Evening
It's Not Just Machu Picchu: Recovering Peru's Spanish Colonial Heritage October 22, 2012 IFAR Evening
News From Leonardo -- An IFAR Evening May 7, 2012 IFAR Evening
Warhol Authentication Board Disbands - What Collectors Need to Know about Artists' Foundations and Authenticating: An IFAR Panel at the L.A. Art Show January 22, 2012 IFAR Panel at Los Angeles Fine Art Show
Warhol Board Stops Authenticating: Issues and Fallout December 7, 2011 IFAR Evening
What Frames Can Tell Us May 17, 2011 IFAR Evening
The Rembrandt Research Project: Reflections, Revelations, Reversals March 10, 2011 IFAR Evening
The Invisible Heroes: The Monuments Men April 26, 2010 IFAR Evening
Twenty Years and Counting: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft March 15, 2010 IFAR Evening
Vermeer's Women: Desire and Restraint November 18, 2009 IFAR Evening
Cambodia -- Angkor and Beyond: The Ravages of Time, War and Looting March 26, 2009 IFAR Evening
The Who, What, Why, and How of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee (CPAC) April 17, 2008 IFAR Evening
Are They Pollocks? What Science Tells Us About the Matter Paintings November 28, 2007 IFAR Evening
Art Insurance - What Everyone in the Art World Needs to Know April 12, 2007 IFAR Evening
What Collectors and Dealers Need to Know about Holocaust Era Looted Art -- The Legal Issues January 26, 2007 IFAR Panel
The Growing Problem of Fakes and Forgeries in American Art November 30, 2006 IFAR Evening
An IFAR Evening with the Neue Galerie July 31, 2006 IFAR Evening
Visit to the Home of Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee January 2, 2006 Collectors' Roundtable
Hurricane Katrina and the Visual Arts December 5, 2005 IFAR Evening
Art Loss in Iraq - An Update October 28, 2005 IFAR Evening
A Look Back and Forward on Holocaust-Era Art Looting and Restitution Issues September 29, 2005 IFAR Evening
The New FBI Art Crime Team June 8, 2005 IFAR Evening
Private Tour of the Museum of Modern Art's Conservation Lab January 3, 2005 Collectors' Roundtable
Authenticity Issues in Photography September 21, 2004 IFAR Evening
Behind-the-Scenes of the Conservation Center of the NYU Institute of Fine Arts January 16, 2004 Collectors' Roundtable
Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Galleries and Paintings Conservation Center January 16, 2004 Collectors' Roundtable
Visit to the Collection of Victoria and Si Newhouse January 16, 2004 Collectors' Roundtable
Beyond Connoisseurship? The Future Study of Master Drawings December 3, 2003 IFAR Evening
Art, Gold, and Slave Labor: The U.S. Government's Efforts on Behalf of Holocaust Victims June 24, 2003 IFAR Evening
Challenges and Discoveries in the Art of Camille Pissarro: The New Catalogue Raisonné May 27, 2003 IFAR Evening
Copyright or Copywrong? The Supreme Court, Copyright Term Extension, and The Arts November 6, 2002 IFAR Evening
Solving Puzzles, Discovering O'Keeffe: The Georgia O'Keeffe Catalogue Raisonné April 24, 2002 IFAR Evening
September 11th: Art Loss, Damage and Repercussions February 16, 2002 Symposium
Catalogues Raisonnés and the Authentication Process: Where the Ivory Tower Meets the Marketplace December 14, 2001 Conference
Jackson Pollock's Studio Floor: Uncovering the Secrets November 28, 2001 IFAR Evening
Early Netherlandish Paintings or Twentieth-Century Fakes? A Tale of Deception June 1, 2001 IFAR Evening
Thirty Years of the Rembrandt Research Project:The Tension Between Science and Connoisseurship in Authenticating Art February 20, 2001 IFAR Evening
The FBI's Role in Art Fraud and Theft November 1, 2000 IFAR Evening
Provenance & Due Diligence April 29, 2000 Conference