Provenance Guide

IFAR's Provenance Guide

The ownership history of a work of art is of fundamental importance for all those involved in the collecting, exhibiting and study of art, for determining both attribution as well as legal title. Recent ownership claims by heirs of Holocaust victims whose art works were looted or otherwise misappropriated during the Nazi-era, and also claims by foreign “source” countries for objects they believe were exported in violation of patrimony or export laws, underscore the importance of provenance research. 

IFAR, a longtime leader in the field of provenance research, has developed the attached Provenance Guide as a primer on conducting such research. Significantly, it includes links to important archives, image databases, dealer and sales records, and other references, and it is made available to all free-of-charge.


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IFAR acknowledges the contributions of: Sharon Flescher, Ph.D. and Lisa Duffy-Zeballos, Ph.D. (Project Co-Directors); Victoria Sears Goldman, Ph.D. and Julia May Boddewyn.